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Profile - Jersey

Country:                                Jersey Region:                                   Channel Islands (Crown Dependency) Currency:                              Sterling (GBP) Languages:                English/French Time Zone:                 UTC Phone Code:              +44 Communications:      Excellent Jersey is an island situated off the coast of Normandy France. It has a population of circa 96,000. Jersey Although a Crown Dependency Jersey is self-governing and has a separate legal, financial and judicial system to the United Kingdom. Jersey is one of the World’s leading financial centers and has been a finance industry leader for over 50 years. Jersey offers significant simplification of tax allowing investors from multiple jurisdictions to...

Interview - Jersey Overview

Q:Compared with other jurisdictions, what is unique in your jurisdiction? Under the current economic scenario, why should people put money there? A: Jersey is one of the world's leading international finance centers, (Top 20 - GFCI 13 - March 2013) with a first class range of products and services that many other competing international finance centers find difficult to match. Based on the firm foundation of tax neutrality for over 50 years, Jersey has been attracting bank deposits and investments from corporate institutions and private clients across the world, including China, and the finance industry has evolved to meet the needs...

Interview - Guernsey Overview

Q: Compared with other jurisdictions, what is unique in your jurisdiction? A:Guernsey : Is the first, and so far the only, jurisdiction which has introduced "Image Rights" legislation to help protect against the misuse of peoples images - notably film stars, sports people etc..; Has received the strongest endorsement of all international financial centres from the International Monetary Fund following their review of the islands regulatory regime in 2010 and 2011; Is the most compliant of all jurisdictions (including US and UK) with regard to the FATF 49 Recommendations on AML and CFT. The island is politically and economically stable with...